Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 163: A Fine Day In Hunterdon County

Lindsay with her catch.
When: Saturday, October 22nd, all day
Where: In and around Hunterdon County
What: Hanging-out and fishing with my lovely lady
Weather: Cool, cloudy and a little breezy at times
Barometric Pressure: 30.01in, didn't change too much all day
Moon: Waning, a couple days before new
Water Conditions: Varied

I wish every day could be spent like this; hanging out in my favorite places with my favorite person.

Lindsay and I had afternoon plans to see a wedding done by a caterer we're considering for our nuptials next year at the Raritan Inn in Califon. We decided to make a day of it.

The day started-off fairly, but not too insanely early, at one of my favorite lakes in New Jersey. I spent 45 minutes or so hucking big lures in hopes of enticing one the resident tiger muskellunge. Although we saw a few large swirls on the surface, I did not get a bite. Lindsay spent 15 minutes or so throwing a Wave Tiki stick in hopes of enticing on of the resident largemouth, then took to the camera and got some great photos.
Upon leaving the lake, we bought a couple pumpkins, ate a killer roast beef sandwich from Rambo's in Califon, stopped by to chat with the guys at Shannon's and then made a quick pit stop to Lebanon Bait and Tackle. We had planned on intentionally bumping into Chris Martalus and Tina in Clinton later in the day, but we wound up unintentionally bumping into them at the bait shop. After saying quick "hellos" and "good-byes," we parted ways, Chris and Tina with their canoe to Clinton and Linds and I to the Raritan Inn. After Linds and I soaked-in the scene at the Inn and took some pictures, we stopped at Melick's for apples, pickles, pears and cider and then did a little more fishing at a small pond in Voorhees State Park.

Although we only caught sunfish, the action was fast and furious and the sunfish were, for the second time in 2 days.....huge. This time, I took a photo with a bluegill stretching the tape a full 9-inches. I think this may actually qualify for an NJ Catch and Release Skillful Angler Award, but I have to look into that.

After that, we headed to Clinton to meet Tina and Chris and possibly check out the "Haunted Mill." Of course, while we waited for them to get off the canoe, we fished a bit from the bridge. Upon their arrival, I caught a white perch.
That would be the last of the fishing for the day. The four of us then took a nice long walk and found a place to get some eats. After a meal and some coffee, we took one look at the mile-long line for the mill and decided to call it a day.

This was a long wonderful day and we spent a good hunk of it in Hunterdon. In case you're wondering, this day has inspired me to more actively play the lottery so that Lindsay and I can spend more time out here with each other and not have to worry about going to work.

It's always nice to have a dollar and a dream.

The end.

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