Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 162: Killer Gills

A big 'ol bluegill.
When: Friday, October 21st, from 5:30pm to 6pm
Where: Super-Secret Quarry Pond X
What: Fishing
Weather: Overcast, 55 degrees, West wind at 7mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.91in and rising
Moon: Waning, a few days after the third quarter
Water Conditions: Gin clear

Normally I'm not very excited about catching sunfish, but these bluegills were HUGE!!!

It's been another tough week, and after not having much success catching fish the last few days I needed a change of pace. After calling George to make sure it was okay to fish on the property of his place of business, I headed out to the quarry in search of lunker bass.

The last time I was at the quarry pond, there were big bass and huge sunfish sitting right below a rock ledge in shallow water.

Not this time.

Fishing started off pretty slow and I did not see anything swimming around in the shallow water. I tried fishing the deeper water, but at first it didn't produce anything either.

That changed.

After an honest effort, I finally landed the bass you see to the left on a Wave Tiki Stick that I weighted with a split-shot about a foot above the hook. The fish bit in 25-feet of water, just off the bottom. Thinking I may have located some fish, I started tossing the nightcrawlers I had brought with me. It was pretty much lights out after that.

Every cast produced a bite if not a fish. In addition to a couple of bass, I caught some of the biggest bluegill sunfish that I've seen in some time. It was non-stop action and it was much needed.

I don't think anyone can have a bad enough week that can't be cured with good old fashioned "drop and reel" fishing.

Mine was.

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