Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 151: Attack Of The Mini Bass

The dinks were biting early and often on the Rahway River on Monday.
When: Monday, October 10th, from 5:50pm to 6:20pm
Where: The Rahway River
What: Fishing
Weather: Moslty Cloudy, 83 degrees, NW wind 6mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.15in and steady
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: River level looked a bit high

Monday was a mess.

After a morning meeting, I headed down to Old Bridge for an appointment that ultimately cancelled. After that, I headed home to get started on a massive amount of computer work that needed to get done, much of it for Tuesday. As I was just about to get started on said work, my doorbell started incessantly ringing. I looked out the window hoping to see the familiar brown of a UPS truck bringing fishing tackle that I may or may not ordered, but no.

Instead, I ran downstairs to find a police officer at my door. They've been doing work on the street in front of my house for what seems like a year, and yesterday, the highly skilled workers hit a gas line. Since the line was right in front of my house, they were at least mildy concerned that the house may blow up, so I needed to get out. I asked the officer to give me a minute so I could retrieve my cats, computer and house keys and he said you need to leave.......NOW.

So, instead of getting right into my work, I stood on the corner in my socks for an hour. To make matters worse, I accidentally locked myself out, so Lindsay had to come back from getting her wedding dress in NYC to come let me in.

Great start to the week.

And in the aftermath of all this, I had to find time to go fishing. That wasn't a very exciting proposition, but I figured I might regret it in the morning if I didn't.

I stayed as close to home as possible since there were still things that needed to be done. I tossed small Rapalas in the Rahway near Cranford and tiny bass were hitting left and right. Too bad they were tiny bass. I do think the one in the picture forced a little bit of a smile on my face though.

Catching fish never gets old and never ceases to amuse me.

And that was much needed on an otherwise gloomy day.

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