Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 149: A Classic Fish Story

This rather small pickerel hit a Suick Nitewalker intended for a musky.
When: Saturday, October 8th, from noonish to darkish
Where: Kaercher Creek Lake near Hamburg, PA
What: Joining the Haggerties of Haggerty Lures for some good eats and fishin'
Weather: Fair skies, temps from the low 50's to high 70's, winds calm to 5mph from the SW
Barometric Pressure: 30.49in (high) and steady
Moon: Waxing, a couple days before full
Water Conditions: Temps around 63 degrees and a little soupy, may have been turning over

So Chris Martalus and I headed out to P-A on Saturday to meet Lorraine and Bill of Haggerty Lures. If you haven't checked them out yet, do so now They make the absolute finest custom-made jigs you will find to catch anything from panfish to trout to smallmouth to largemouth to get the point.

Chris and I rolled-up toKaercher Creek Lake just around noon and we were grilling shortly thereafter. When our bellies were full enough, it was time to fish. We were going to launch the canoe, but a friend of the Haggertys was kind enough to put Martalus and I on his bass boat and spin us around the lake for a couple hours. Chris promptly tied on a small slip-bobber and a crappie jig and I tied on bucktails and Suicks in hopes of catching a musky.

After an uneventful hour on the water, we had some extreme excitement when what looked like every bit of a 40-inch musky followed right up to the boat.

I guess you're wondering what peaked its interest.


Was it the big topwater?

Was it the Suick thriller?

Was it the custom bucktail?

The answer is none of the above. What peaked the musky's interest was Chris's bobber on his crappie rig. Here I am in the back of the boat hucking huge lures on stout tackle and Chris pulls a huge musky from hiding.......with his bobber. I tossed a handful of different rules in the vicinity it swam away to, but nothing.

How's that for a fish story?

That was pretty much the excitement for the day. After the awesome ride and great company, we launched the canoe and fished our faces off for another four hours. We were marking lots of fish, but the only thing to strike was the pickerel you see up above that hit a Suick Nitewalker.

It was perfect day nonetheless.

A special thank-you to Bill and Lorraine for having us and to their friend to take us fishing.

The 40-inch musky still eludes me, but the fierce determination to catch one has not.

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