Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 143: Recon

Taking a few casts on Mercer Lake.

When: Sunday, October 2nd, from 12pm to 12:30pm
Where: Mercer Lake
What: Scouting (and fishing)
Weather: Overcast, 58 degrees, S wind at 13mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.79 and steady
Moon: Waxing, 6 days after new
Water Conditions: Stained

It's days like this that it seems impossible that I'm going to finish this. Not only do I have to find time to fish everyday, but I have to find time to write about it. It's really not as easy as you might think.

And it can be exhausting.

Throw in the fact that on Sunday, I woke-up at 9:30am in a hotel in Philadelphia, had to write my blog from the day before, needed to find 30 minutes to fish and make phone calls and write two reports sections for The Fisherman. I also needed to start all this in the car while Lindsay drove since time was NOT on my side.

Somewhere between the 6th time my pen fell between the seat and the door and the 4th time the phone fell between the seat and the console, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Regardless, we stopped at Mercer County Park, which was right on the way home, to take a look at Mercer Lake. I had never been there before, but had heard good things about the musky fishing in there. I really had no aspirations of catching one on a medium action spinning rod, from the shore in 30 minutes, but I thought I might catch a bass and I wanted to scout out the lake for future adventures.

I did not catch a bass, but I did take some mental notes on Mercer Lake.

Then, I got back in the car, got the laptop out again, and immediately proceeded to drop the pen between the seat and the door.

It was a long day.