Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 140: The Calm AFTER The Storm

I'm getting tired of taking scenery shots. Hopefully I won't have to tomorrow.

When: Thursday, September 29th, from 6pm to 7pm
Where: Brightwood Park Pond in Westfield
What: Carp fishing
Weather: Cloudy, calm wind, 63 degrees, strong T-storms passed earlier and were still in the area
Barometric Pressure: Low, 29.61in
Moon: Waxing, 3 days after new
Water Conditions: Stained

Thanks to Luke, I had a new local fishing spot to try.

So, that's exactly where I headed after work. I had a slight bit of trouble finding the place, but after a couple U-turns, I zeroed in on Brightwood Park in Westfied. It's amazing how many trees and how much water there is in these here suburbs.

It was still pretty overcast and there were storms in the area, but it wasn't bad fishing weather. I got out of my car and followed the trail down to water and immediately saw a big carp feeding on the shore. I stood back to try and not spook it and quickly baited a bare hook with corn. I tossed it as close to him as I could, but the sunfish were ravenous and found the offering before the carp the did.

I didn't see that carp again, and didn't catch one either. I did, however, hook the same snapping turtle not once, but twice. I see a lot of snapping turtles and this one was HUGE!!!

After the snapper got away unharmed, I waited it out as long as I could, the whole time thinking about musky fishing tomorrow.

It would have been great to catch a carp, but I have bigger things on my mind.

Tomorrow. Lake Hopatcong. Another try for a musky and actually land one this time.

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