Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 137: Poor Sight, Poor Aim

A storm rolling-in over Devoe Lake.
When: Monday, September 26th, from 2pm to 2:30pm
Where: DeVoe Lake near Spotswood
What: Fishing
Weather: Fair skies, 66 degrees, W wind at 5pm
Barometric Pressure: 29.98in and steady
Moon: New
Water Conditions: Muddy

It can be pretty frustrating when the fish aren't biting......however......

It can be even more frustrating when they ARE biting and just not finding the hook. This is what I was dealing with today.

I was originally going to wait until after work to fish, but I was passing right by Devoe Lake on my way back from an appointment. Since my lunch was in the cooler and it was long past due that I should have eaten it, I decided to take a 30-minute break.

I know this lake has some good pickerel fishing, and that is exactly what I was hoping to tie into. I could see fish breaking the surface and lots of bait in the water. After a short while, I had a fish strike, but not connect. This would be the theme for the next 30 minutes, as fish after fish swiped-at but missed my lure. I'm assuming the muddy water had something to with that. At one point, a pickerel must have lined-up my Bomber and barreled for it at full speed, only to miss it and fly clear out of the water. Once again though, the fish made a miscalculation and instead of hitting my lure, the pickerel flew clear out of the water.

And that was how it went.

I guess it's pretty hard to eat something when you can't see where it is.

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