Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 123: Flight Of The Armored Mud-Sub

A lunchtime carp.
When: Monday, September 12th, from 12:15pm to 1:45pm
Where: Victor Crowell Pond in Middlesex, NJ
What: Lunchtime carp fishing
Weather: Fair skies, 76 degrees, calm wind
Barometric Pressure: 30.02in
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Muddy

This was easily one of the top ten most epic battles that I've ever had with a fish.

And I won.

After a morning meeting in Clark, I headed to Middlesex to see some prospects. I made a few stops and a few phone calls as I headed down Union Ave. and at the end of my run, stumbled upon Victor Crowell Park. I had originally intended on fishing after work, but since I had a few late appointments, I decided to break out my lunch and soak some corn while I ate.

Good call.

The park has a couple docks with high rails and ramps. I knew I wouldn’t be able to land a fish from there, so I found shade under a tree and threw a line out. Within minutes, I hooked a monster.

The big carp immediately took my line over the dock, forcing me to climb the high rails with one hand while holding the rod in the other. From atop the dock, I fought the fish for almost 10 minutes, steering it away from a drainpipe and a handful of snags. It eventually tired a bit and I got him close to shore. At this point I was a few feet off the lake and needed to let out a bunch of line so I could walk to the end of the dock and down to water. The fish took another run and I had to postpone the maneuver, but I eventually brought it to shore.

What a fight.

As I was landing the hefty carp, a random voice from behind me said "my, what a big fish." I asked the owner of the voice, a little old lady who had been walking her dog, to take a picture with my camera.

After a quick photo, a successful release and the rest of my carrots, it was back to work.

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