Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 115: Working Double-Time

A healthy Nomahegan carp.
When: Sunday, September 4th, from 12pm to 3pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan
What: Carp fishing and writing
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 84 degrees, SW wind at 10mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.90 and rising
Moon: First Quarter
Water Conditions: Low and muddy

After sleeping until 10am to recover from the Hamburger Festival, I got out of bed on Sunday and quickly started my writing for The Fisherman. I wanted to get going as early as possible so that I would have time in the early afternoon to do my 30 minutes of fishing since there was a chance of storms in the early evening.

After getting a nice chunk of work done in 90 minutes, I started making preparations to go carp fishing at Nomahegan. It then occurred to me that it wasn't such a bad idea to bring my computer to the park and let the corn soak while I get my work done.

Great idea.

So, off I went to the park with two cans of corn, a notepad and my laptop in my fishing bag.

By 12:15, I was sitting in a chair under a tree with my computer out. Two lines were in the water. A short while later, a couple friends showed-up and we started chewing the cud. As we were talking, my friend pointed out that line was being ripped from my freespool. I rushed over, engaged the reel and.........

Fish on.

Anyone who has never caught a carp should really give it a try. These things are like mini-submarines and even this "small" 6 or 7-pound fish ripped drag from my reel, made a whale's wake on the surface, pulled weeds out as it struggled to get away and made huge splashes on the surface. It can take some time and patience to hook one, but once you do, it can be quite a spectacle.

Anyway, after a spirited fight, I subdued the goldenboy, getting a mudbath in the process. I've gotten used to this by now. Since my friend Brandon and his son were still there, I kindly asked him to take the photos and he obliged.

After a few quick pics, I waded ankle-deep back into the muck so I could successfully set this beautiful fish free.

Not bad a day at the office.

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