Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 98: Riding The Lightning

Chris "the mad bucktailer" Lido scores a victory in the rough Mantoloking surf.
When: Thursday, August 18th, from 6:30pm to almost 9pm
Where: The Atlantic Ocean via a Mantoloking beach
What: Fishing from brown sharks
Weather: Horrible. Rough surf and a stiff S to SE wind up to 20mph gusts.
Moon: Waning. Almost a week after the full.
Water Conditions/Tide: Outgoing tide, low was at 10pm. High seas, rough surf, white not good for surf fishing.

Lindsay is always worried that I'm going to fall through the ice while I am ice fishing.

If I were her, I'd be a little more concerned that I'm going to get struck by lightning.

When Lido and I walked onto to the beach on Thursday, there was no immediate threat of a thunderstorm. There was however, a stiff wind coming from the south and the surf was pretty rough. Nonetheless, I had made the drive and we had bait and bunker oil in tow. It would have taken a lot more for us to not throw a line in the water.

We set-up shop, baited hooks with wire leaders and threw the chunks into the surf. It was tough to keep the baits on the bottom and having to throw 6-ounces of lead and bunker chunk into the wind is never fun. We gave it some time, during which Lido tossed a bucktail with Gulp! in the surf and scored himself a flattie.

That would be about it.

Near dusk, Lido and I found ourselves staring to the north and the west, watching a spectacular display of lightning and debating whether or not we were far enough away. After going back and forth for a bit, we decided to play it safe, probably only because nothing was biting.

So, the lesson today boys and girls......

It is never, under any circumstances, acceptable to play games with safety when it comes to an approaching thunderstorm......

If the fish aren't biting.

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