Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 97: Staten Island Farewell

The last fish I will catch from Staten Island........for now.

When: Wednesday, August 17th, from 12pm to 12:30pm
Where: Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island
What: Snapper fishing
Weather: Partly Cloudy. SW wind 5 to 10. 85 Degrees.
Moon: Waning. 4 days after the full.
Water Conditions/Tide: High. Top of the outgoing.

Well, it's been fun.

In all likelihood, that little snapper (which subsequently bit my finger) will be the last fish that I catch from Staten Island.

For now.

My assigment on the island is coming to a close this week, ending my somewhat drab saltwater outings in places like the Kill Van Kull and Great Kills Harbor. The next seven months, I will be working out of Middlesex County in New Jersey, and provided that I keep this thing going and nothing crazy happens (which it probably will), I will return to spend the last 30 or so of my 365 days while working in Staten Island.

I did some snapper fishing and caught a few, but I was happy to be able to move on to some more exciting opportunites.

By working in Middlesex, I will now have bodies of water in that county in addition to Somerset and Monmouth to choose from.

There are some goodies.

Moreover, I should be able to curb the Union County trips since there will be more options for after work. Places I'm sure I will be frequenting are Farrington Lake, Dallenbach Pond, the Raritan River, the D and R Canal, Spooky Brook Lake, the Millstone River, Carnegie Lake, Plainsboro Pond, etc. etc. etc. After work trips down to the beach or to Hunterdon County are not out of the question either.

I'm sincerely looking forward to spending almost ALL of my time in New Jersey.

Fall is the absolute best time to be a fisherman in my beloved state, and with plenty of big-fish water at my disposal, I'm hoping for a handful of memorable catches.

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