Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 94: A Soggy Sunday Morning

Rahway River Park Pond on a rainy day.
When: Sunday, August 14th, from 11am to 11:30am
Where: Rahway River Park Pond
What: Getting wet, and fishing
Weather: Rain. Lots of rain. Cloudy, cool and a little windy too.
Moon: Waning. A day after full.
Water Conditions: Flooded, muddy and covered in vegetation.

This was undoubtedly the most difficult 30 minutes of fishing since this whole thing began.

Saturday turned out to be a long and exhausting day, and after sleeping-in on Sunday morning, I awoke to faint rumbles of thunder and lots of rain. Since my Sundays are spent writing reports for The Fisherman, I was either going to have to wake-up and immediately go fishing or wait until after the reports were submitted. Although I was fairly confident that I'd be safe from thunderstorms in the morning, I wasn't as sure about later in the evening.

So out of bed and off I went........


My coffee had yet to kick-in by the time I made it to the pond. Also, my stomach was killing me from everything I ate the day and night before at Aunt Judy's and my cousin Michael's birthday parties and the rain was so heavy it was coming through my jacket.


There was absolutely no turning back though, so after 31 minutes of tossing a soft-plastic and getting soaked, I headed home to our nice warm apartment.

I did not leave for the rest of the day....

And was quite comfortable.

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