Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 93: A Skunk At Last

A chocolate-milkyPasaic River
When: Saturday, August 13th, from 6am to 8:30am
Where: The Passaic River
What: Pike fishing
Weather: Cool morning, as low as 60-degrees. Cloudy and never cleared-up. No wind.
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Falling, but still up. Muddier than usual.

For the first day in almost 2 weeks, I did NOT catch a fish. It had to happen sooner or later.

So much for the full moon though. According to the handy-dandy Solunar Tables, the fact that I was fishing on the full moon should have had the fish biting. Throw-in that I was on a stretch of river that has been known to produce and that I was fishing the early "primo" hours, and this trip should have been lights-out.


One of the reasons I was looking forward to fishing every day for a year was that I would be able to see how active fish were at different times of the day, different months and most questionably, during different lunar phases.

This was some solid information right here.

I'm not completely debunking the "moon theory," but I do have more evidence of something that I have suspected. That is, that regardless of whether freshwater fish feed on the cycles of the moon, environmental factors and weather can completely negate any benefits of fishing during the "best" lunar phases. I would imagine that the lunar cycles play some role in saltwater fishing since the moon effects the tides, but as far as freshwater fishing is concerned, I don't think putting stock in those tables is worth a glass of sand.

Of course, the better explanation of why I didn't catch anything is that "it's fishing." I did have three bites, but they were not from anything big. I threw every go-to lure I had, but nothing connected.

A few things could have shut the fishing down, aside from them the fish just not feeling much like eatting. The river was up and the water was falling, and although this shouldn't effect the fishing too much, the water clarity was muddier than normal. That could have had something to do with it. I've also come to suspect that pike like to have light to feed, and with the cloud cover, the sun never really came out to make it "morning." You would, however, think that I would have caught a bass.

A much more likely scenario is the chilly evening. It went down well into the 60's last night, which I'm sure dropped the surface temperature of the water. That tiny change in temperature could have shut the fish down, and without the sun coming out to warm the surface temperature up again, the fish may have remained inactive.

Or, the probable scenario, is that I should probably never try to figure this stuff out, because after years of compiling information, it still doesn't seem to make sense. There are certainly conditions that seem to make for better fishing, but in the end, the best fishing occurs when the fish are hungry.

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