Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 90: Nine In A Row

This bass took a custom-made jig by Haggerty Lures.
When: Wednesday, August 10th, from 5:30pm to 6pm
Where: The Rahway River
What: Bass fishing with Haggerty jigs
Weather: Partly Cloudy. 84 degrees. 20mph West wind.
Moon: Waxing. 3 days before full.
Water Conditions: High and muddy.

Today marks three straight months of fishing. In some circles, 90 days is a big deal.

I'm in the midst of my longest "fish catching" streak since this whole thing began. Yesterday made eight straight days and today, as I was parking my car near my favorite honey-hole on the Rahway River, I was fairly sure I would make it nine.

But I soon thought otherwise.

I walked up to my spot and immediately noticed that the tranquil water where I have grown accustomed to easily catching bass did not look the same. The river was at least 2 feet higher from the previous day's rain and was mighty muddy to boot.

Because of the conditions, I switched my tactics and tied on a jig instead of a soft-plastic.

That did the trick.

For the record, Haggerty Lures makes the absolute best jigs money can buy. They're custom-made to order, which you would think would put them over $5 a jig, instead, most come-in at a buck or two apiece. Andy S. turned me onto these and there is absolutely no reason for me to buy anything else. Lorraine at Haggerty Lures is super-friendly and if you use jigs for anything from panfish to trout or bass, I'd suggest checking them out (

I used a 1/8 brown and black jig and worked it through the slack water. I find that predators have trouble laying off dark-colored jigs because they look just like any number of insects, smaller fish or crawdads they may be feeding on.

This wasn't a big bass by any means, but let's face it, there probably aren't many big bass in Union County....period.

It was a fish though, and the 9th day in a row that one has made it to my hand.

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