Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 82: More Tiki-Bassin'

A decent bass that inhaled a 4-inch Wave Tiki-Stick on the Rahway River.
When: Tuesday, August 2nd, from 6pm to 6:30pm
Where: The Rahway River
What: Bass fishing with Wave Tiki-Sticks
Weather: Partly Cloudy. Near 90-degrees. West wind 15mph.
Moon: Waxing. 4 days after new.
Water Conditions: Slightly stained. Not too low.

Fishing conditions in Union County continue to be difficult. Water temperatures, even in the locals rivers, are sky-high and the mid-day sun makes standing on the banks and uncomfortable proposition.

That being said, it's nice to know that I can always wacky-rig a soft-plastic to catch a few quick bass and shake off the summer doldrums.

Senko-style baits are an indispensable component of a bass-angler's tackle arsenal as they can be rigged Carolina, Texas, Texas-weightless, drop-shot and of course, wacky-rigged. I've found that there are times when nothing else will work and a wacky-rigged soft-plastic will save the day. I almost exclusively use Wave Worms these days as I've become disenchanted with other brands after they've jacked their prices and started manufacturing less-durable baits. Wave Worms are by far the best bang for the buck and quite possibly, the best bang for any buck. Check them out at

When fishing rivers where the bass tend to be slightly smaller, I go to a 4-inch Tiki-Stick and for lakes and ponds, I opt for the 5-inch. As I was approaching the Rahway River, I slipped a 4-inch green pumpkin/orange swirl on my hook. The color is a dead-ringer for a crawfish. After only a couple casts, I hooked a bass that jumped and shook the hook. After a couple more casts, I landed the bass that you see above. I landed one more bass and then had a few short hits that didn't connect. For only fishing 35 minutes, the action was more than decent.

I was reading online about musky fishermen and musky lures last night, and there is something to be said for having confidence in particular baits. When all else has failed or when I just want to catch a few quick fish, I'm not only confident, but I'm certain that a wacky-rigged soft-plastic will put a bend in the rod.

On Tuesday, that was exactly the case.

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