Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 81: A Dull Day And A Bright Idea

Lake Nomahegan is covered with grass these days too.
When: Monday, August 1st, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan
What: Bass fishing
Weather: Hot and humid. High near 90. Mostly cloudly.
Moon: Waxing. 3 days after new.
Water Conditions: Stained and covered in vegetation.

Once again, on Tuesday, I was faced with having to fish close to home.

I headed to Lake Nomahegan, and although I have been there many times before, I was pretty excited and confident that I could find at least one bass to put a bend in the rod.

I did in fact hook a bass on a 4-inch Wave Tiki Stik, but it just as quickly became unhooked.

As I was talking with Lindsay this morning, she gave me the familiar inspiration to do some more "exciting" fishing. I've always given this a lot of thought, and although I do my best to find new things to do on the weekends, during the week I am often confined to Union County and Staten Island. Without abandoning my job, it's simply not possible to go much more than a few miles from my home on a worknight.

That being said, the discussion this morning inspired something exciting for this weekend. I already had plans to go pike fishing on Friday night, and it was suggested that I try a lake I had never tried before. Although there aren't many places in northern New Jersey that I haven't fished yet, there is one place that I had planned on going to try to catch a musky. Friday pike, Saturday musky.....I decided that I could try for a pickerel on Sunday and make an attempt at a New Jersey Weekend Esox Hatrick.

For those not familiar with the term Esox, it's a genus of fish that includes the species Esox niger (pickerel), Esox lucius (northern pike) and the formidable Esox masquinongy (the muskellunge, or musky for short). There is a more dimunitive species of pickerel called the redfin pickerel, but the pickerel I will (hopefully) be targeting is the more common "chain pickerel."

This is not an easy task, and in all likelyhood, it's one that I will not succeed at accomplishing...this time.

I have found a pretty solid spot to catch pike and pickerel fishing can be easy, but seeing as I have had zero success catching musky in open water, it's going to be tough. I've caught a musky through the ice, but the few times that I have hooked one in open water, they have found their freedom. That being said, I have yet to put in a fraction of the time that is often associated with catching musky. Not many things are in my favor, but I have the right gear, have done a lot of research and I think I have a good place to target them.

So, after work on Friday, I will head to the Passaic River to try and catch a pike. If I do, and even if I don't, I will head out with Joe to spend the day musky fishing on Saturday. If by some miracle my head hits the pillow on Saturday and I have caught both a northern pike and a musky, I will head out to find myself a pickerel on Sunday morning.

Like I said, the odds are against me, heavily, but if at first I don't succeed, this is definitely something that I will try again.

Next Up: Union County for a few days, then, the attempt at the New Jersey Weekend Esox Hatrick.

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