Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 111: The Legend Of Fords Park Pond

Courtesy of Hurrican Irene.
When: Wednesday, August 31st, from 12pm to 12:30pm
Where: Fords Park Pond
What: Fishing
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 83 Degrees, 5 to 10mph North wind
Barometric Pressure: 30.20in (high) and steady
Moon: Waxing. 3 days after new
Water Conditions: Chocolate milk

I'm exhausted.

It's 9:32pm and I just sat down on my chair. Having to work, fish, blog and keep my my life together takes up 99% of my waking hours, and any little twist in my day can make it that much more stressful. Most days, I don't stop moving until my head hits the pillow.

Today was no exception.

I had a full day at work, starting on the computer at 7am. I was out the door at 8:30am and worked until noon when, on my way to Avenel, I grabbed a sandwich and stopped by Fords Park Pond. After working until 5pm, I got stuck waiting at both the bank and the cheap gas station, leaving me about 90 minutes at home before I needed to leave again to meet some friends. I usually share this time with Lindsay to cook and then clean the kitchen, but today I needed to get ready for tomorrow's fishing trip. Lido called this afternoon and asked if I wanted to night wreckin' on The Gambler tomorrow - of course I said yes. So, all this plus a handful of other chores, that whole "dinner thing" and giving my car a much needed cleansing left me not a second to spare.

This is a typical day since I began my 365 day fishing endevour. Thank goodness there's only 244 days left.

Oh yes, about the pond at Fords Park. I have been told by three people that there are huge bass in this tiny pond. I believe they are mistaken.

Granted, today didn't offer the greatest fishing conditions; the barometric pressure was high and the pond was muddy. However, I did not even see a sunfish and I don't think there would be enough for a large bass to eat in that lake, even if there are fish in it. I will probably try this place again for convenience sake, but I do not see how this little pool can sustain fish of any size.

Still, I gave it my 30 minutes and then snapped a photo of this huge tree that was felled in the storm.

This would be the second most peaceful part of my day.

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