Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 108: Come On Irene Part II: Idiocracy

In all seriousness, I'm not THAT stupid and the weather had yet to get REALLY bad.
When: Sunday, August 28th, from 12am to 12:30pm
Where: A small canal near my home
What: Fishing
Weather: Heavy rain, misty and breezy. 25mph NE winds, gusting to 35. Low 70's. Hurrican Irene approaching, but not here just yet
Barometric Pressure: 29.39 and falling
Moon: Waning. 1 day before new
Water Conditions: High and moving fast

First off, it was pretty cool to have so many people ask me how I was going to keep my streak going with the storm coming. So thank you.

Second, I just want to say that weather should be taken VERY seriously and I would not recommend taking ANY chances if you think you might be caught in a storm. Although things look bad in this video, I had been closely watching the radar and monitoring NOAA weather stations. I knew the wind was going to be blowing at no more than 30mph and if there was even a suspicion that it could be worse or if there was any lightning and thunder in the nearby vicinity, I would not have gone outside. I knew the worst part about fishing JUST after midnight was going to be a lot of rain, and water wasn't going to harm me. I would not have just walked out the door in tropical storm conditions. This outing was extremely calculated.

Lindsay had suggested a few days ago that I fish during the storm in the small canal near the house. I told her that I wasn't going to put the validity of my quest in jeopardy by fishing somewhere with no fish. However, as we were leaving for the park on Friday we stopped by to take a look in the canal. To my complete astonishment, there was a gaggle of panfish sitting under the bridge.

Next obstacle was timing. I knew there was a very good chance the storm would pass on Sunday and that I could fish after Irene had left town. The problem was that I wasn't 100-percent certain of when it when it would clear on Sunday. I heard reports that the storm was moving slow and I did not know how much debris would be left in its it wake. Therefore, I decided if there was ANY chance to fish at 12am when the clock struck Sunday, I should get out there. Although the rains came early, it was clear the winds would not get nasty until closer to morning.

I had my opportunity.

Lindsay and Mindy were wonderful. They came out with me, took video and a few pictures and waited in the car shouting moral support and letting me know how long I had been fishing.

I tossed the Rapala in the canal for 30 minutes, but the fishing conditions were not favorable. The water was rushing much faster than it had been on Friday. Still, I tried my best. After all, catching a fish in that storm would have been even cooler. At one point, I must have hooked a piece of debris and it started peeling drag. I thought I had a fish, but I did not.

This wound up being more a test of endurance than anything else. It was also a lesson in how sometimes things need to be taken one day at a time. My biggest concern all along had been how I was going to fish everyday in the winter when it gets dark out at 4:30pm and temps are consistently in the 20's. I guess this was a reminder that I need to get there first.

In any event, I live to fish another day.

Thanks again to Mindy and Lindsay!!!!

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