Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 106: The Calm Before The Storm

Lindsay-1     Mark-0
When: Friday, August 26th, from 6pm to 6:30pm
Where: The Rahway River
What: Fishing with Linds
Weather: Mostly Cloudy. 80-degrees. South wind 5 to 10mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.95in and steady
Moon: Waning. 2 days before new
Water Conditions: A little high and slightly stained

Well, here we go.

Martalus and I fished this morning, but that story doesn't come out until tomorrow. Things may get a bit tricky with this here storm bearing down, but I'm hoping this journey doesn't end at 106 Days.

Really hoping.

Before the week officially came to a close, Linds and I headed to the park on a rather beautiful Friday evening. The temperature was nice, the wind not to strong and the sun was peering out from the clouds. These were much different conditions than what is transpiring out my window right now.

After walking to my spot in Rahway River Park, Linds started tossing a Rapala while I worked soft-plastics. After about 10 minutes, she caught the only fish.

Look at the beautiful smile.

We only gave it the required 30 minutes as we had things to do at home, including getting the reports in for The Fisherman a couple days early in preperation for Irene.

And that was that.

The next day (today) brought a couple of nice fish, but I'll post that tomorrow while I'm sitting in my house with Lindsay, Mindy, Lucy and the middle of a hurricane.

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