Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 102: Dink Fest

One of many small fish that were eager to take a swipe at my lure on Monday.
When: Monday, August 22nd, from 5:20pm to 6:10pm
Where: Rahway River Park Pond
What: Bass fishing with soft-plastics
Weather: Partly Cloudy. 80-degrees. 15mph West wind
Barometric Pressure: 28.86in and rising
Moon: Waning. A day after the Third Quarter
Water Conditions: High and partially stained

If everything I've learned about barometric pressure is true, the fish should have been active today because the pressure was rising.

They were.

It's been purported by many that the best fishing occurs when the barometric pressure is falling. While periods of low or high pressure can make fishing more difficult, it is thought fish become more active when the barometeric pressure is rising. Since the latter was the case when I arrived at Rahway River Park Pond, I decided to fish the shallow end of the lake I've been passing up, as I thought feeding fish might be lurking there.

On my third cast, I had a strike. Within five minutes I caught a fish.

I did not have any bites in the deeper portion of the lake, but as I approached the other shallow end, I started getting hit and subsequently caught another bass. I only landed two fish, but I had two more come unglued and several fish hit without getting hooked.

The strikes were pretty much non-stop.

So, this was an interesting trip. Over the last 2 months, I had completely stopped fishing the shallow water in Rahway River Park Pond. The only reason I decided to try it today was because I checked the barometric pressure and saw that it was rising. This led me to believe that fish might be actively feeding in the shallows.

I'm going to continue to watch the barometer.

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