Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 77: Sweet Redemption

Passaic River PIKE!!!!
When: Thursday, July 28th, from 5:45pm to 7pm
Where: The Passaic River
What: Pike fishing
Weather: Overcast. Slight drizzle. Light south wind. 80+degrees.
Moon: Waning. 2 days before new.
Water Conditions: A little higher and a bit less stained than last time.

Thursday, I was a man on a mission.

After getting some good news on the workfront, I finished my day and started rifling through the mental Roladex of places to fish. I had a few options, but one spot in particular got my blood pumping.

After a few years of frustration and fruitless adventures, I finally caught my first northern pike from the Passaic River a few months ago. Moreover, I recently found a great spot to target them, however, the last time that I was there I went home somewhat defeated. After losing a bunch of lures and two nice pike, I finished that day tired and a little aggravated.

This time would not be the same.

For starters, my spirits were high and I was well rested. I brought only one rod and a backpack so that I was more mobile and instead of the $10 stickbaits, I brought inexpensive $1 soft-plastic swimbaits. I figured that I was going to lose a few lures and would rather lose cheap ones. That being said, with my energy level and heightened awareness, my casts were finding their marks with much better accuracy and not many baits were donated to the trees.

After only being there five minutes or so, I tucked a neat cast under a tree and retrieved my 4-inch, bass colored Storm Swim Shad alongside a blowdown. When it was a few feet from the shore, a green missle came out from under the brush and nailed it.

Fish on!!!

I could tell it was a decent fish by the way my rod was bent and that it was taking drag. It almost immediately ran me into the brush pile, and just like the last time I was at the Passaic, I was once again snagged. This time fate was on my side though, and just as I was considered losing my boots and taking a swim to free the pike, it emerged from the brush and I brought it to shore.

After a bush-league photo with my camera propped-up on my bag, I set him free.

I could have went home right then, but I fished a little longer, catching a chunky bass and another 25-inch pike. I missed several smaller fish that were hitting short.

The action was great.

The last time I fished this spot, I lost $70 worth of lures, caught 3 small bass, a pickerel and lost the only two pike I hooked. This time around, I lost $3 worth of lures, landed two nice pike and a chunk bass.

What a deal.

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