Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 72: Night 'Bows With Andy S

One of five rainbown trout that I caught from Round Valley Reservoir with Andy S.
When: Saturday, July 23rd, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Where: Round Valley Reservoir
What: Night-fishing for rainbow trout with Andy S.
Weather: After another hot day, it fell into the 80's. Light wind from the north. Partly Cloudy.
Moon: Waning. A couple days past the last quarter.
Water Conditions: Warm and clear.

If Round Valley Reservoir were in Mexico, I would have been considered "en fuego."

That's right, I could seem do no wrong on Saturday night, as trucha after trucha attacked my nightcrawlers and I made short-order of putting mine and Andy's limit in the boat in just under 90 minutes.

I met Andy at the ramp around 8:15am and after motoring out past the North Tower into 45-feet of water, we set 2 anchors and settled-in until the sun went down. After dark, we dropped lines with Velveeta Cheese and nightcrawlers. I originally put two rods out, but it quickly became apparent that wasn't necessary.

The first 'bow was the biggest at probably 19-inches, and there didn't seem to be much of a lull after that. I released one and put four in the cooler for a total of five fish for the night.

Also, since these fish were no stockies and are full of beautiful, organge meat, I decided to bring them home and have a nice dinner for myself and my lady.

This was a pretty perfect night. It's always a pleasure fishing with Andy and a big thanks to him for taking me out and showing me the ropes.

I had a hot hand tonight, and trips like this don't happen all the time. Since I've been fishing every single day and have had plenty of outings when I didn't even get a bite, the fast-paced action was definitely welcome.

I went home smiling.

Thanks again Andy!!!

Next Up: DINNER!!!!

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