Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 71: Scorched

A shot of my catfish gear.
When: Friday, July 22nd, from 8:45pm to 10pm
Where: The D & R Canal
What: Catfishin
Weather: Frickin' HOT. Still 90-degrees, humid as heck, no wind and lots of bugs. (i.e. perfect)
Moon: Dead on third (or last if you prefer) quarter
Water Condions: A little low and kinda clear.

The only thing that anyone could talk about on Friday was how hot it was during the day. Yeah, it was REALLY hot during the day, but what got me was how hot it was at NIGHT.

As I was threading chicken livers on a treble hook soon after I arrived at the canal, I realized that I was already covered in sweat. I had been drinking lots of water (and eating watermelon) for several hours knowing that it was going to be hot and that I was going to be outside, but I really didn't think it could still be scorching like that after the sun went down.

That being said, I'm not complaining.

If you can't stand heat, bugs, nasty smells and the darkness, then you really don't have much of a chance of ever being a successful catfisherman.....or catfisherwoman.

So, as the sweat carried the bug spray into my eyes, large insects flew into my face and I wiped liver-gunk onto my shorts, all I could think to myself was......this is catfishing, this is perfect.

The only thing that showed-up, however, was a small bullhead and eels. This was the second time in a week that the channel cats did not bite, but what am I gonna do? I had been talking about moon phases and how they may or may not effect fishing, and I'll be interested to see things improve with the coming and passing of the new moon over the next week.

That being said, on my way home, I was neither frustrated nor disappointed. If I'm going to do this every day, especially for only 30 minutes to an hour, there will be plenty of times that I come up empty. That's why they call it fishing..............

Catfishin' to be precise.

Next Up: RVR with Andy tonight.

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