Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 69: Multi-Tasking

Fishing while blogging. Blogging while fishing.
When: Wednesday, July 20th, from 5:45pm to 6:30pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan in Cranford
What: Carp fishing
Weather: HOTTTT. Temperature into the 90's. Partly cloudy. Light S to SW wind.
Moon: Waning. Almost to the last quarter.
Water Conditions: The lake was low, covered in vegetation and stained.

This was a difficult day.

After a week/weekend dealing with adversity, traveling and a lack of sleep, this week started-off no better. In the midst of it all, and nearing a meltdown, the proposition of finding the energy and desire to fish and the time to do it and blog about it seemed nearly impossible.

However, Lindsay......and a little innovation.....saved the day.

After ironing out a few issues at work and in my personal life, I decided that I could free up some time by doing the previous day's blog while I did today's fishing.

This is a good trick to have in the bag, and it's completely within the rules. I didn't catch any carp, but I have the feeling that water temperatures are much too hot for most freshwater fish to feel much like eating right now.

So, here I sit today, eating my lunch in Great Kills Harbor and getting ready to do my work and maybe even wet a line if it's not TOO unbearable.

Things don't seem all that bad today.

So, instead of losing it, I kept this going and have found the desire to keep it going. This past week-plus should serve as a reminder going forward that the vast majority of problems are only temporary. And indeed, that this too shall pass.

Next Up: Maybe the water in front of me, maybe not.

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