Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 67: Dead Water

Mickey with a beautiful Delaware River smallmouth.
When: Monday, July 18th, from 6pm to 10:30pm
Where: The Delaware River, near Lambertville/New Hope, PA
What: Fishing for smallmouth and catfish with Mickey
Weather: Hot. 90-degrees, a few clouds, light S to SW wind. Approaching storms never materialized.
Moon: Waning. 5 days after full.
Water Conditions: The river was fairly low and running clear.

It has been long-known that environmental factors such as barometric pressure and moon phase effect fishing. However, the way that everything fits together is still not completely understood. What I know for sure, is that Mickey and I embarked on what are probably the two biggest slam-dunks in fishing and both attempts came rattling off the rim.

Mickey and I had never met, but we have some mutual friends and a mutual interest. When he invited me down to fish for channel catfish and maybe even get a flathead on the Delaware, I was pretty stoked. Mickey is owner/operator of Mickey's Guide Service http://www.mickeysfishing.com/ and the Archangel that sails from Point Pleasant. He is also known as Dean Ween and is one-half of the band Ween http://www.ween.com/.

Smallmouth fishing on the Big D, especially at dusk, can be fast and furious. Fifty fish days are by no means impossible, however, we only got two. Well, Mickey got two.

Also, the bottom of the Delaware is pretty much covered in channel catfish and catching them doesn't require a whole lot of skill. We have skills, but we only caught eels.

I've always like the term "fishy" to describe the feeling I get when I think the fish are going to bite. "Fishy" water has splashes from small fishing picking bugs off the surface and swirls from larger fish taking bait.

On Monday, The Delaware River did not feel "fishy."

Was it the barometric pressure?

Was it the moon?

We may never know.

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