Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 64: The Story Behind The Bag

This little bag led to a lot of story

When: Friday, July 15th, from 1pm to 1:30pm
Where:Upper Bay (New York Harbor), via Staten Island
What: Tossing lures into the salt
Weather: High in the mid-80's. South wind around 10mph. Partly cloudy.
Moon: Waning. A day after full.
Water Conditions/Tide: Water seemed clear. Tide looked low.

When I started tossing lures into New York Harbor on the last day of my work week, I had no idea that my outing would yield such an intriguing story.

I was hoping to see some schools of bunker that I might pick a bass or a bluefish from, but the tide looked dead-low and the water did not have much life. Regardless, I kept at it in order to get my 30 minutes of fishing, and eventually wound up walking down the shoreline a couple hundreds yards or so. On the way back, I discovered the bag you see above, which looked like someone had purposely closed to protect its contents. There were some fishermen nearby, and after making sure it did not belong to them, I opened it.

Inside, I found.......

1)2 cells phones
2)A drivers license
3)A credit card
4)A membership card of some type to the Manhattan Sailing Club (the club's phone number was on the card)
5)A small metal box
6)An inhaler
7)A compact
8)Some loose change

I immediately deduced that the owner of the credit card and drivers license had dropped the bag into the water when she was out sailing. Little did I know that there was much more to the story than that.

The cell phones were soaked and I figured the owner had already cancelled the card, but I thought maybe the other items had sentimental value and that she would want them back. I called the number to the sailing club and asked the person who picked-up if he knew the name. After telling him what I had found, it seemed to have rung a bell.

Fifteen minutes later, I got a call from the owner.

What she told me surprised me. The bag had actually not fallen into the water, but her boat had sunk during a particularly rough storm last week. If anyone saw the magnificent rainbow over Manhattan and northern NJ last Wednesday, the storm that produced it also sent the Great Republic to the bottom of New York Harbor. She thanked me for picking it up and I told her it would be in the mail.

That evening, I actually got another call from her. Since they had not recovered the boat, the Coast Guard was interested to know where I had found the bag, I guess so they could judge the tide and all that fun stuff and maybe find out where the Great Republic was resting. I did my best to give her accurate information and told her that the Coast Guard was free to call me if they needed any other information.

Who knew that so much could come of 30 minutes of fishing.

The end.

Next Up: Snike Hike!!!!

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  1. From what you posted it looks likes everyone was ok. Interesting story. You did a good thing.

    Congrat's on your 60+ days now!

    Any flounder stories in the future?