Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 57: Thunderbass

When: Friday, July 8th, from 5:30pm to 7pm
Where: Lake Lenape, then Lake Nomahegan
What: Bass fishing with Wave Tiki Stiks
Weather: Mid-thunderstorms. Light to heavy rain, clouds, thunder and lightning. Temp in the low 70's, E to NE wind 5 to 10mph.
Moon: Waxing. A day after the first quarter.
Water Conditions: Stained.

Going forward, I'm going to pay closer attention to the weather, or the radar for that matter, so that I don't run into the same predicament I did today.

After checking reports of when the severe weather was going to be rolling through Union County, I felt fairly confident that I could push my fishing off until later. However, after seeing it get cloudy outside, I took a look the radar and saw that it was about to get pretty nasty.

So I hopped in the car and headed to Lake Lenape.

When I arrived, it still had not started raining, although I could hear a faint chatter of thunder. After having a slight issue with two-dozen stickbaits getting stuck in my bag and the fabric of my trunk, I walked down to the lake, still feeling comfortable that I had time before it got ugly.

I was wrong.

And after three casts...... it got ugly.

Although I'm not afraid of rain, I am afraid of electricity, especially considering that a graphite pole doubles as a more-than-decent lightning rod.

I soon found myself back in the car......waiting.

After 30 minutes or so, I was pretty sure that the thunder and lightning were not going to stop, so I started thinking of other options. Andy S had suggested earlier in the day that I consider fishing the D & R while watching the poles from my car, so I figured I'd see if there was a spot on Nomahegan that I could park and set a rod out for carp.

When I got there, it seemed to have cleared up a little, so I figured I'd skip the corn shopping and give bass fishing shot. After 5 minutes, a huge bolt flashed in the distance, but I was now determined to get in my fishing time. After about 10 minutes, I decided a picture was not going to do for the blog, so I decided to take some video to prove that I was actually out fishing in a storm. I propped my camera up in my fishing bag, and hit record.

Honestly, since the conditions were so bad and since I was just going to take a cast or two and stop recording, it didn't even cross my mind that I might catch something. But lo and behold, on the first cast, a small bass ate my 5-inch Wave Tiki Stik.

Pretty cool.

I still had to finish the 30 minutes after that, but it was pretty easy seeing as I was kind of giddy at the point. Having previewed the video on my camera, I knew that it was halfway decent and I was pretty stoked about turning a drab outing into something somewhat exciting.

It's definitely not everyday that I get that excited about a tiny fish. And it's definitely not everyday that I risk my life to catch one.

Next Up: Something. Somewhere.

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