Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 54: Home Sweet Home

A South Branch rainbow trout.
When: Tuesday, July 5th, from 6pm to 6:45pm
Where: The South Branch of the Raritan, Clinton
What: Drowning worms
Weather: Temp in the mid 80's. Sunny. West wind 5mph.
Moon: Waxing. 5 days after new.
Water Conditions: River was a little high, but not too bad and not too dirty considering all the recent storms.

Lindsay and I left West Virginia a little after 9am on Tuesday to head back to the real world. In fine "us" fashion though, we stretched the drive from 6 hour to 11 hours and stopped at Cabela's, Deitrich's Meat Market, the Kutztown Folk Festival and of course, Clinton.

I needed to get my 30 minutes of fishing, and since we were driving right past our favorite hangout, we made a pitstop for coffee, ice cream and..........a trout.

The nightcrawlers barely survived the ride, but I figured they had just enough life left to catch a few fish. Plus, I really didn't feel like putting a tackle box together to put in my vest. I only had the energy left to bring a box of hooks.

We stepped into the South Branch below Clinton falls; me sporting my Korker's wading boots and Simms socks and Lindsay in her flip-flops.

Both worked equally well.

We spent 40 or so minutes tossing nightcrawler into the current. I caught a few panfish, Lindsay added one more and as we were nearing "go-time," I managed to land a rainbow trout.

Although I didn't catch anything too big besides a rock bass and that trout, it was interesting to compare a place that I've fished many times before to all the "foreign fishing" that I had been doing in West Virginia. Just like it's tough to beat a pro on his childhood lake or best a football team in their own arena, I can definitely see the truth in the saying, "there's no place like home."

Next Up: A nap would be nice, I'm exhausted, but I shall find somewhere to fish for 30 minutes tonight.

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