Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 53: Big Muddy

Big Sandy Creek near Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
When: Monday, July 4th, from 2pm to 2:30pm
Where: Big Sandy Creek, near Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
What: Fishing and sightseeing with Linds
Weather: Hot and humid. 80 degrees, partly cloudy and hazy. Wind 5 mph from the N. Thunderstorms overnight and at 3:30pm.
Moon: Waxing. Four days after new.
Water Conditions: High and muddy.

For the second straight evening, strong thunderstorms passed over northern West Virginia. Since the rivers had not yet recovered from Saturday's downpour, we found the Big Sandy to be a big mess.

After an eventful weekend, Linds and I decided to do a little exploring on Monday, the 4th of July. We both enjoy driving aimlessy around the countryside, and since I needed to find a new place to fish, it seemed like the perfect idea.

We headed east on 68 and made our way into Bruceton Mills. After stopping at a barn sale, a hardware store, a kayak rental and a diner, we finally made it down to Big Sandy Creek to do 30 minutes of fishing.

I had found this river on a map, however, I could not find the name of it. When we arrived in Bructeon Mills and met Rachel at the the kayak/canoe rental, she informed us that what we were looking at was Big Sandy Creek. Rachel was super-helpful and super-friendly, and anyone looking for some outdoor fun in the Morgantown/Northern West Virginia area should stop by, say hello and take a paddle. Info can be found here.....http://padlz.com/.

The area we fished was designated for anglers and had ample parking and a trash can. There was a sign stating the stream was trout-stocked, although I would assume the stocking was done a couple months ago and that most of the trout have been caught. Above and beyond that, the muddy water didn't make for good trout fishing. The conditions did make for good catfishing, but not knowing the river very well, I don't know how many are in there. In any event, we gave it a shot with stinkbait and nightcrawlers but came up empty.

Shortly after we left, the thunderstorms rolled-in again and gave Morgantown another bath. Our timing was pretty perfect, as was our little trip into the West Virginia countryside.

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