Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 50: The Mon And The New Moon Deliver

A flathead catfish from the Monongahela River.

When: Friday, July 1st, from 8pm to 10:30pm
Where: The Monongahela River, near Point Marion, PA
What: Night-fishing for catfish
Weather: 80-degrees, clear skies, light NW to W wind.
Moon: New
Water Conditions: Stained. Fluctuated several inches due to a nearby lock.
Says the bluegill master, "the secret to knowing where to fish is looking for the empty beer cans."
There were plenty of things I was looking forward to doing while I was down in West Virginia, and near the top of the list was fishing the confluence of The Monongahela River (The Mon) and The Cheat River on the night of the new moon.

New moons are "rumored" to be great for fishing, The Mon is supposed to have some big kitties and areas on rivers where a tributary flows-in tend to hold fish. The stars seemed to be aligned, and this time it worked out.

It's no secret that I'm kind of obsessed with catfish, and in particular, flathead catfish. I haven't caught a flathead in probably 10 years and in that time have had maybe 3 opportunities to fish for them. This was another opportunity.......and I capitalized.

Wayne and Rob joined me for the adventure to Point Marion.......and an adventure it was.

After scoring our temporary licenses at the hardware store and soaking in some of the local flavor, we found ourselves a nice spot on the river behind the dollar store. Someone must have known we were coming, because the residents were kind enough to put on an impressive fireworks display for us.

While I started to set-up shop, Wayne and Rob worked on catching bait. At first it looked like we were going to have some trouble catching bluegills, but the boys had more success once the sun began to set. At dusk, I set out some stinkbait and shortly after dark I hooked up a channel cat.

After that we settled into our chairs. We had a few rods out with stinkbait and crawlers and one with a live bluegill in hopes of hooking a flathead. Not too long after I had landed the channel catfish, the clicker started singing. I picked-up the rod and set the hook.

I knew it was a flathead.

It put up a decent fight, and even took a few nice runs on me. When it rolled on the surface, my suspicions were confirmed. Although it was no monster, it was a still a great fish and the one I was looking for.

Thanks to Wayne and Rob for coming out, experiencing the wonders of Point Marion and having a good 'ol time catfishing on the river.

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