Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 49: A Night On The Cheat

I asked Lindsay to catch me a sunfish and she caught me a smallmouth.

When: Thursday, June 30th, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Where: The Cheat River in West Virginia
What: Night fishing for catfish
Weather: Cool, probably around 70-degrees. Cloudy, W to NW wind, 5 to 10mph.
Moon: Waning. Almost new.
Water Conditions: Partly stained. Slow current.

So we made it to West Virginia.

After rolling in at 2am and sleeping until 8am, we spent the day with momma; relaxing, eating good food and doing a little shopping. As sunset neared, I started thinking about where we might do a little catfishing. Earlier in the day, I had found a nice spot of land on The Cheat River that I figured that might be a good place to start.

The Cheat River flows into Cheat Lake and both are within walking distance of the house. I've gotten conflicting reports about the catfishing in both the river and the lake, and although I'm still skeptical about the presence of blue cats and flatheads, I'm certain that there are a fair number of channel catfish. So, when Lindsay and I set-up shop, we put some stink-bait out for the channels and a live bluegill in case there were any larger channels or flatheads around. I asked Lindsay to catch me an extra sunny or two while I rigged the rods, and in the meantime, she caught a smallie, which was obviously released.

We gave it a couple hours, but no catfish bit.

Instead of reeling-in monster fish, we spent much of time time staring at the stars, watching the lightning bugs and thoroughly enjoying a beautiful summer night in West Virginia.

Next Up: Tonight, the moon, the Monogahela.

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