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Day 58: The Grass Is Always Greener........

A poor-quality photo of a poorer-quality bass.
When: Saturday, July 9th, from 11am to 11:30am
Where: Mindowaskin Pond in Westfield
What: Carp fishing
Weather: Hot and sunny. Temp near 90's, not many clouds, N to NW wind around 10mph.
Moon: Waxing. A couple days after the first quarter.
Water Conditions: Stained, as always.

I'm going to make this blog fairly short so I can finish my writing for The Fisherman and hit either the D & R Canal for catfish or Round Valley for trout tonight. For those that didn't already know, I've been a Field Editor for The Fisherman since mid-May and I am responsible for the weekly South Jersey Reports section.

Check it out sometime.

Anyhow, whenver I go fishing for bass in Union County, I almost invariably see huge carp swimming right in front of me. So, it should come as no surprise that when I go carp fishing in Union County, I see huge bass sitting along the shoreline. Such was the case when I parked my car and walked up to Mindowaskin Pond.

I didn't have a single lure, but instead of changing plans, I kept on to find a spot to fish for carp.

And caught none.

One thing to note is how ravenous tiny little bass can be. I've caught 4-inch bass on 5-inch lures befores, and this mini-mite up top hit a lump of corn covered in weeds.

If all fish were that stupid, I'd save a lot money on tackle.

As I was leaving, the big bass were still there, but I must have scared them away, because after getting some lures from my car, they were nowhere to be found.....or seen.

Maybe this will teach me to bring more tackle with me.

Next Up: I said it. Maybe RVR, maybe DNR.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 51: Just A Formality

Messinger Lake near Cooper's Rock State Forest.

Day 50: The Mon And The New Moon Deliver

A flathead catfish from the Monongahela River.

When: Friday, July 1st, from 8pm to 10:30pm
Where: The Monongahela River, near Point Marion, PA
What: Night-fishing for catfish
Weather: 80-degrees, clear skies, light NW to W wind.
Moon: New
Water Conditions: Stained. Fluctuated several inches due to a nearby lock.
Says the bluegill master, "the secret to knowing where to fish is looking for the empty beer cans."