Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 48: A Minor Inconvenience

Rahway River Park Pond.

When: Wednesday, June 29th, from 5:30pm to 6pm
Where: Rahway River Park Pond (not the river)
What: Bass fishing with Wave Tiki-Stiks
Weather: Cloudy and hot. Temp in the 80's.
Moon: Waning. A couple days before new.
Water Conditions: Stained

It's fairly obvious that this endeavor would not be possible without the support of Lindsay. It's even better that it was actually her idea. That way, on days like today, it doesn't fall completely on me when the fishing becomes an inconvenience.

I was already behind schedule and then got stuck in Staten Island traffic while Linds was waiting for me to hop in the car and drive six hours to West Virginia. It definitely wasn't the optimal situation, but I had to tell her that our departure was going to have to wait just a little longer so I could go fishing. Night-fishing in WV would have been an option, but since we won't be arriving until after midnight, it would have been tomorrow and the streak would have come to an end.

But it's still alive.

There wasn't anything too exciting about the 30 minutes of bass fishing. I had a few bites and had a few small bass came unglued, but my mind was definitely on all the exciting things that I'll be doing for the next six days.

As I'm writing this, Linds is at the helm while we head in a southwest direction towards momma's house on Cheat Lake in Mountaineer Country. We just crossed the Delaware River into PA about 45 minutes ago and spent about 30 stuck in traffic. The GPS is telling us we'll roll into Morgantown about 1:30am and I'm looking forward to not setting an alarm clock and waking up to an incredible view of the lake.

So, the next 6 reports will NOT be coming from NJ. I have already thought of a few places to fish, and I'm hoping that something exciting will come out of the water over the next half-dozen days.

I'm hoping that "something" is a huge catfish.

Next Up: Cheat Lake, The Monongahela River, The Cheat River, Deckers Creek, Coopers Rock State Park and who knows what else.