Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 43: A Rainy Affair

It started pouring about 5 minutes after I took this picture.
When: Friday, June 24th, from 5:30 pm to 6pm
Where: Upper Echo Lake in Mountainside
What: Testing out some new catfish bait
Weather: Cloudy and rainy. High near 80, wind N to NE 15 mph. Passing T-Storms.
Moon: Waning, several days after the third quarter.
Water Conditions: Stained.

This wasn't the best day on many fronts.

Having taken a personal day and going to the funeral of Mr. A, I came back to to Union County feeling less than stellar. After getting a few chores done, I decided to trudge out to Echo Lake to get my 30 minutes in before meeting some friends. About 10 minutes into my fishing, it started pouring. I didn't have a rain jacket nor did I feel like making a trip later, so I put my cell phone and my wallet in my bag and sat there getting drenched.


The day before, I received my order for some super-secret, super-stinky catfish dip bait. These baits are popular with a lot of anglers targeting channel cats, but I've never really given them a chance.

I think I know why.

I catch plenty of channel cats on chicken livers, however, one problem is that turtles and eels seem to find the bait as well, often before the catfish do. The reason that I was interested in trying this bait is that a respected member of a fishing forum that I belong to swears that it only catches catfish and not the other stuff.

The jury is still out on that as I only gave it a 30-minute trial, but I can tell you that this stuff is downright nasty and kind of a pain to use. I was warned not to get it on anything that I value since it smells to high heaven and is difficult to remove. Because of this, I threw out the special stick-worms that are needed to hold the bait since I couldn't get it all off and didn't want to bring them home. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not a big fan of throwing tackle away, regardless of how little it costs.

So, I'll give it another shot at some point, especially when I'm down on Cheat Lake in WV that is loaded with channels or on the Duck Pond or the D & R Canal that are loaded with turtles. I often like to try new ways of fishing, but I often forget that the ways I currently fish have been doing well for me for 20 years.

I've caught hundreds of channel catfish and some pretty darn big ones too, so if I haven't scrapped the #8 treble hooks and chicken livers after all this time, well, I guess there must be a reason.

Next Up: Some light fishing later today followed by an all-out carp fest with Pat tomorrow morning.

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