Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 40: Super-Secret Quarry Pond X

Super-Secret Quarry Pond X
When: Tuesday, June 21st (first day of summer) from 6:30pm to 7pm
Where: Super-Secret Quarry Pond X, somewhere in NJ
What: Bass fishing
Weather: Hot, high near 90. Mostly sunny. No wind.
Moon: Waning. A week after full.
Water Conditions: Fairly clear.

A couple months ago, Lindsay stumbled upon a small pond in an old quarry, somewhere in New Jersey. The pond is technically on private property, however, those lucky enough to stumble upon this little gem would be pleased to know that the property owners don't mind people fishing there. If you're as friendly as my fiancee, you might even strike up a conversation with George who is usually on the property. George may even give you a few helpful hints.

I had been meaning to check this place out for some time and decided to take a ride after work on Tuesday. Of course, I first stopped-in to say "hello" to George, who walked over with me to the shore of the lake. As soon as we approached, probably a dozen largemouth bass, a handful of which were close to 5 pounds, came up to the shore. I later learned and realized that George "feeds" them sometimes, so it was apparent that these bass thought that they were getting a free meal.

So I began to fish, and on my second cast with a Wave Tiki on. It was a small bass, probably no larger than a pound, but it was only my second cast. I was so confident that there would be bigger and better things to come, that I didn't even take a picture.

Can you say jinx?

Yes, that would be my only fish. I guess after the bass realized that George wasn't going to throw any food in the water, they went back to wherever they were staying cool. I tried everything that I had with me to try and get another one to bite, but no luck.

The conditions were not great for fishing, but I figured the number of fish and the lack of pressure would help me overcome the heat and the sun, but they did not. I will be back again though, maybe next time at a better hour and with some different lures.

I want to thank Lindsay for always keeping her eye out for new places for me to fish and to George for taking the time to show me the lake and for letting me fish there.

Like I said, I'll be back.

Next Up: It's gonna be a busy few days, so I'll probably stay local until the weekend.

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