Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 35: Back In The Hood

A slow-shutter photo taken from Exchange Place in Jersey City.
When: Thurdsay, June 16th (Happy Birthday Mom), from 7pm to 10pm
Where: The Hudson River, from Exchange Place, Jersey City
What: Striped bass fishing with bunker chunks
Weather: Cloudy and Windy. High into the 80's with a stiff wind coming from the South.
Moon: Just beginning to wane. Less than a day after full.
Tide/Water Conditions: Incoming. High at 10:36. Water was a little stained with lots of debris.

Every once in awhile you have to visit the old neighborhood.

Chris Martalus and I have spent more than a few hours fishing on Hudson River piers in Jersey City and Hoboken, and since some big stripers have been known to be pulled from there in June, we figured we'd give it a shot before they disappeared.

We got the skunk though.

After finishing my work day on Staten Island on Thursday, instead of taking the Goethals Bridge and heading home, I took the Bayonne Bridge and stopped by Trueworld Tackle in Bayonne for some fresh bunker. I arrived at Exchange Place just before 7 and Chris showed up shortly thereafter. We gave it a good 3 hours, but no fish.

The pier was pretty crowded, which did not make for the most comfortable fishing. There also seemed to be an outdoor party at the Hyatt and the incredibly loud music further detracted from the ambiance. I have to say that the view of Manhattan is pretty top-notch, but I definitely like things a little more quiet..........

Especially when I'm not catching any fish.

Next Up: Some carp fishing when I'm done writing this followed by Passaic River Pike with Martalus tomorrow.

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