Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 31: The Curse Of The Tidemaster

One of a bunch of tiny catfish I caught on Day 31.
When: Sunday, June 12th, from 5pm to 7pm
Where: Warinanco Park Pond
What: Catfishing
Weather: Cool and cloudy.
Moon: Waxing. A couple days before the full moon.
Water Conditions: As murky as a park pond.

Can a fishing rod be cursed?

Let me explain.

I own several St. Croix rods, but only one St. Croix Tidemaster. I bought my first Tidemaster a couple years ago. The first time that I had it out fishing, Pat, Rob and myself spent 2 hours battling a Noreaster on the way back to the ramp on what could have easily been our last fishing trip. It was scary. I used the rod several more times, but each time I had it with me, I failed to catch a fish. I started to think that it was cursed.

Then, as I was preparing to bring it another trip, it snapped in my apartment as I was checking the drag-setting on the reel I was going to use with it. It never saw its first fish and I never bought another Tidemaster.


A couple months ago, I acquired another Tidemaster. The first time that I had it out, we battled the high water on my annual Delaware River striper trip and failed to catch a bass.

No big deal, except, that once again, I cannot seem to catch a fish on this rod.

This Sunday, I brought it to Warinanco Park Pond with the intent of fishing a live bluegill in hopes of catching a monster catfish. The only problem was..........that I couldn't catch a sunfish.

For reals, I could not catch a sunfish.

The reason why I could not catch a sunfish is because this lake is completely infested with catfish. Although that's not such a bad thing, there are so many small cats in there that they inevitably find bait before a sunfish can. I ran into this problem last time I was there, except that I had a few nice fish to add to the 6 inchers.

Not this time.

I eventually gave up trying to catch a bluegill and put two rods out with livers. I had a bunch pick-ups, most likely from turtles and the mini-catfish, but no big fish. I did have one nice run-off, but did not connect.

So, I have to ask myself, was my bad luck today just a matter of circumstance, or could I be carrying around a 7-foot graphite hex.

We shall see.

Next Up: Fishing. Not sure where, but Martalus and I may slum it up on the Hudson on Tuesday.

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