Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 28: Anatomy Of The Lunch Hour Beach Break

My lunchtime spread on a Staten Island Bay Beach.

When: Thursday, June 9th, from 12pm to 1pm
Where: Lower Bay, Gateway National Recreation Area, Staten Island
What: Eating my lunch on the beach, fishing
Weather: HOT!!! Near or at 100 degrees. Clear Skies.
Moon: Waxing. A couple days past the first quarter.
Water Conditions/Tide: Incoming Tide. Close to high. Clear, warm water.

12:00-Head down Hylan Blvd. towards Great Kills Bait and Tackle
12:07-Pick-up pre-cut squid strips from Great Kills Bait and Tackle and pre-ordered grilled chicken salad from Roma Pizza next door.
12:12-Drive into Gateway National Recreation Area
12:15-Change into bathing suit
12:20-12:50-Eat and take a dip while rod with squid gets hammered by crabs.
12:55-Change Back into work clothes, drive to next appointment.

And how it's done.

Next Up: Going to meet Andy S. from NJFishing on the Raritan.

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