Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 20: To Cape May And Back.....In One Day

Lido hoists a 50-pound class drum.
When: Wednesday, June 1st, from 2:30pm to 9:30pm
Where: The Delaware Bay, Cape May
What: Fishing for black drum with Lido and some nice guys from Connecticut with Capt. Bob and Capt. Greg on the Down Deep
Weather: Partly cloudy. High in the 80's.
Moon: Day after new.
Water/Tide: Strong new moon tide.

I never drink coffee after 3pm.

So, when I stopped at 7-11 in Seaside Heights after midnight so I wouldn't fall asleep on the last leg of my trip back to Union County, I knew that it had been quite day.

And it was.

After a great night on the beach on Tuesday, Lido and I headed down to Cape May on Wednesday morning. We met Capt. Bob and Capt. Greg on the Down Deep around 1pm, and when his customers from Connecticut hopped aboard just after 2pm, it was off to Delaware Bay in search of drum.

We were well aware that the drum fishing had been spotty, but were hopeful the new moon would turn-on the fishing. There were plenty of cownose rays, skates and dogfish to keep us busy, but only four black drum made it onto the boat. Unfortunately, none were mine.

Lido had the first drum, which was also the biggest one of the day. I had a few fierce battles with some hefty cownose rays, but came up empty on the drum. It was an incredible day nonetheless.

Also, a special thank-you to Capt. Bob and Capt. Greg. I've been on a lot of boats, and these guys are as good as it gets. Not only do they know their stuff and are dedicated to catching fish for their customers, but the boat is immaculate, spacious and comfortable. Anyone thinking about going fishing from Cape May should check-out

Next Up: Some lighter fishing, most likely close to home.

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