Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 5: Standing On Some Rocks In The Bay

A view of Great Kills Harbor and a Bomber Long A.
When: Tuesday, May 17th, from 1pm to 1:40pm
Where: Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island
What: Fishing
Weather: Overcast and cool. High near 60. Very windy, but not sure of direction/speed
Moon: Day after full
Tide: Seemed pretty low, but not sure if it was coming or going

Even with all the gloomy weather, this is turning out to be a little easier than I thought.

I have a hunch that will change.

For now though, having a rod in the trunk and stopping by a local park on my lunch hour or after work really isn't all that complicated. Even if I do have to walk on a jetty with dress pants and dress shoes.

I passed the Gateway National Recreation Area several times today while going to my appointments on the south shore of Staten Island. I was originally going to do a little fishing after work, but since I had the bay right in the neighborhood, I decided that's where I would have my lunch.

I entered the park from Hylan Blvd. and drove all the way out to Crookes Point. However, since I did not have a permit to park, I headed back, vowing to return when I have the proper credentials. I then tried fishing from the southwest beach of the park, but the stiff wind made casting plugs quite a task. Finally, I parked on the shore of Great Kills Harbor and found plenty of room on the rocks to do some fishing. I got 30 or 40 minutes in before snapping a few pics and heading back to work.

Although the medium-action St. Croix did the trick for today, I am definitely going to have to bring another one of my rods if I am going to have a decent shot at fishing off the beach. That shouldn't be a problem though, I have plenty of time.

Next Up: Day 6. Probably a small lake in Westfield.

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