Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 19: 'Twas The Night Before Drumfish

A 30-inch striper from the suds in Mantoloking.
When: Tuesday, May 31st, from 6:30pm to 11pm
Where: The beach in Mantoloking
What: Surf fishing with, among others, Chris Lido and Nick Honachefsky
Weather: Hot, but down into the 80's by the time we made it to the beach. East wind shifted to south. Sunny. Partly cloudy.
Moon: New
Water/Tide: Top of the tide, flood, high then ebb. High around 9pm.

When Chris called me up last week and asked if I wanted to go fishing for black drum in the Delaware Bay on Wednesday, needless to say I was stoked. As the plans came together, we both agreed that it would be easier if I came down the shore the night before, and while I was there do a little fishing.......of course.

Nick was back home Florida, and he was nice enough to snag some bunker for an evening on the beach. Chris and I hit the sand first and Nick and company joined us a couple hours later. Lido and I had a few hits, probably from small bluefish, but had not connected with anything yet when everyone else arrived.

At dusk....that changed.

Probably around 9pm, after I had just cast a fresh chunk of bunk into the suds, something nailed it just as I was about set my rod in the spike. After letting it run, I set the hook......and connected. A few minutes later, this nice-looking fish with stripes was dragged onto the sand.

Go me.

Nick landed a dogfish a little bit after that, but aside from a few misses and seeing some dolphin off the beach, that would be all the excitement that came from the ocean. It was a beautiful evening though, and what a great way to spend it, hanging out with some good people on the beach........fishing.

Next Up: Delaware Bay drum......hopefully

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