Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 18: Memorial Day Misadventures

Seeley's Pond
When: Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day), from 6am to 11am
Where: Lake Surprise and Seeley's Pond
What: Fishing
Weather: A wicked T-Storm gave way to heat and humidity. Partly cloudy, inching up towards 90 degrees.
Moon: Waning. Two days before the new moon.
Water Conditions: Stained.

My original plan for Memorial Day was to give carp fishing another try. For the first time since Friday, the spirit moved me to get out of bed at 5am, and at some point during my morning coffee, I changed my mind.

Bad idea.

I figured that because I was up so early, I may as well take advantage of the low-light and go bass fishing. So, I headed to Lake Surprise in the Watchung Reservation. Chris Martalus and I had done well with the pickerel there early in the season and I knew there were some decent largemouth in there as well. To my dismay, however, the end of the lake near the parking area was now choked with weeds, so I headed down the trail looking for better water. I thought  it was a little peculiar that the sun had not started poking through the clouds yet, and I didn't find out until I was about three-quarters of a mile from my car that the "cloudiness" was actually a scorcher of a thunderstorm.

It soon started pouring.

There were a few moments when I was actually going to wait out the storm, but I soon became drenched and miserable and started to make my way back to my vehicle. I was now faced with another predicament though, as the storm was directly overhead and the graphite fishing rod I was holding incidentally makes a mighty good lightning rod. Seeing as I feared electricity more than water, I decided to rest my Loomis on a tree and wait until the thunder stopped cracking.

It eventually did.

When I made it back home, I would have loved to have climbed back into bed, but I had plans for the rest of the day and had not gotten 30-minutes of fishing in yet. I regrouped, drank some more coffee, grabbed my bait rods and headed to Seeley's Pond like I had originally intended. I fished there for a couple hours, during which time I hooked not one, but two enormous snapping turtles.

Have no fear, they were both released unharmed.

Part of me wanted to stick it out a little longer, but part of me was defeated. Since I had other things to do, I headed home with my tail between my legs.......................and got stuck in traffic from the Memorial Day parade.

Next Up: NOT carp fishing followed by a saltwater outing and maybe a drum on Wednesday.

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