Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 15: New Jersey's Finest

My friend Bob with a beautiful largemouth bass he caught while showing me the ropes at Split Rock Reservoir.
When: Friday, May 27th, from 6am to 3pm
Where: Split Rock Reservoir
What: Fishing with Bob
Weather: Hot. High in the mid-80's. Southeast wind close to 10mph but didn't feel like it. Partly cloudy.
Moon: Waning. A few days after the last quarter.
Water Conditions: Surface temp 69-degrees at launch, warmed to 72. Water slightly stained.

I don't care whether you're Bill Dance or Bill Pullman; you cannot deny the power of the wacky-rig.

Bob and I proved that today........big time.

Split Rock Reservoir is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in the state and has been the subject of both fable and controversy since it was opened to the public in 2004. Gas motors are not permitted on the lake, which has kept overfishing at bay.........for now. Although I had heard quite a bit Split Rock, this was going to be my first time out there. I couldn't have been more excited and could not have asked for a better guide.

Bob and I were the first ones on the lake, and Bob caught the first seven fish, all on a wacky-rigged soft-plastic. As I rifled through my arsenal of stickbaits, cranks, spinnerbaits and rubber worms, watching Bob catch fish after fish, I finally switched over to his technique.......and joined the party.

This little rig never ceases to amaze me, and I would be shocked if it isn't being used more on the B.A.S.S. and F.LW. tours than the pros are willing to admit. I have done plenty of bass fishing in my day, and although I have caught lots of bass on lots of different lures, I would be a liar if I said that there weren't times that the fish would not bite anything else but a wacky-rig.

So Bob and I caught smallmouth after smallmouth after largemouth after smallmouth after largemouth and by days end, we had totalled over 40 bass. I added a pickerel and we each had a big crappie. We each scored a sunny for good measure as well.

Bob had the hot hand, but after I started following his pattern, the daily totals ended up slightly less skewed. In addition to the high-hook, Bob landed both the biggest smallmouth and largemouth. Here he is landing his biggest of the day Bob's Big Bass.

This could not have been a better day. Every once in awhile you hear about someone going out on a perfect day, catching a ton of fish, landing a few big ones and you think "I'd like to have a day like that soon." Well, today we did. The great fishing was second only to the great company, and I look forward to doing it again.

Thanks Bob.

Next Up: Bed. But some more fishing tomorrow. Also, only 5 days until Delaware Bay drum!!!

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