Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 10: O-Fish-ial Business

The smaller of two nice channel cats that I caught on a foggy morning in Hundterdon County.
When: Sunday, May 22nd, from 5:30am until 10:30am
Where: A small pond in Hunterdon County
What: Fishing with Chris Lido
Weather: Very, very foggy.
Moon: Waning. Almost a week after full.

Although Lido and I were able to get a little fishing done Sunday morning, my trip to Hunterdon County was for bigger and better things....if you will.

Chris has taken over as Managing Editor (congrats brother!!!) at The Fisherman magazine, and his transition left a vacancy for the Field Editor for South Jersey.

Enter me.

This has been in the works for some time now, but since my first report has been submitted and should be arriving in bait shops and homes across the Northeast over the next couple days, I guess there's no reason to keep it a secret anymore.

I'm totally stoked.
Since I needed to go down to Hunterdon so that Chris could show me the ropes of the reports section and since I HAVE to go fishing everyday, we decided to meet early at a pond near his house. I had my sights set on the lake's channel catfish population and Chris worked on the bass and panfish with his fly rod. It was quite foggy when I arrived, and I actually landed the bigger of two catfish I caught before Chris got there. Things slowed down for me after that, but Lido did quite a number on the pannies and had a few largemouth to boot. I picked up my second channel cat a bit later and Chris snapped the picture you see above. He left shortly after to go take engagement photos, so I took a drive that resulted in the catching of a brown trout from the South Branch near Califon.

At about 10am, when Chris got back from his photographs, it was down to business.

A special thank you to Chris and Karen for making this happen and to Gabriel Hnat for giving me my break in this business.

Next Up: Fishing. Most likely either a lake in Union County or the bay from Staten Island.

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