Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 1: The Elusive Nomahegan Carp

This bullhead took a boilie intended for a carp.
When: Friday, May 13th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan in Union County
What: Carp fishing with boilies on hair rigs
Weather: Partly cloudy, high near 70.
Moon: Waxing. A few days until full.

So I started a day early.

I'd be willing to bet that some doctors get their degrees in less time than it's taking me to catch a carp in Union County. I've been focusing my attention on Lake Nomahegan, since I can actually SEE the carp, but they won't bite. I know they're not spawning yet because they aren't going all wack-a-doo and the bubbles and mud clouds tell me they're rooting for food, i.e. eating. They will not, however, eat what I am offering them.

I have tried nightcrawlers, homemade strawberry dough-bait, bread, corn, baiting with corn, and now, specialty carp pralines from Dmitry and Peter in PA, complete with Euro-style hair rigs.


There was one moment when I dropped my Bestseller boilie into a deep channel where I could see a bunch of carp. After a few tense moments, my line became taught and started moving out. I set the hook, but whatever was on the other end didn't feel like a big, hefty carp.

A frickin' catfish, or a bullhead to be more precise.

Normally I would welcome the sight of some type of whiskerfish, but this was not my goal.

I left once again defeated by the elusive Nomahegan carp, but I will try and try again. I have 364 more days of fishing ahead of me, I would think that at some point I'm going to catch one.

Next Up: Day 2 with Martalus and Niles in the Water Gap.