Thursday, April 14, 2011

R & R

One of several small, hungry largemouth bass caught on a relaxing afternoon on a canoe.
When: Sunday, April 10th, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Where: The South Branch of the Raritan River in Clinton
What: Fishing and paddling a canoe from Pender's Boat House
Weather: Warm and overcast with a light breeze.
Moon: Waxing, half-moon.

I had the bucket of shiners ready for the Passaic River pike, but I guess things can't always turn out the way that I want.

I'm still learning.
After a nice afternoon hanging with Lido on Friday, I headed to Lake Hopatcong to give a lecture at the Knee Deep Club membership meeting. About an hour before the meeting, after finding out about some weekend work that needed to be done, I realized that I was looking at about 4 hours of sleep if I were to go pike fishing. I had to call Martalus to give him the bad news.

The pike would have to wait.....for now.

Saturday came and went with lots of productive things happening in between, and on Sunday, I once again found myself in Clinton......with Lindsay.

This was a special trip to Clinton, as our business being there was taking a look at the beautiful Red Mill where we are most likely going to get married. After getting a tour of the grounds, staring at the river and taking lots of pictures, both of us are convinced that it is the place we should have our wedding.

And, since we were already there, we stopped by to see Todd at Pender's Boat House to take out one of his canoes for a couple hours.....for some fishing.

It took awhile to find the fish, but after Lindsay guided us back into a quiet little cove, the bass started biting. One of the bass looked like he had just been nailed by a pike and with the carp swirling and the trout jumping clear out of the water, I was quickly reminded why I love this river so much. As if I had ever forgotten.

We only put a couple hours in, but it was great to catch a bunch of bass, even though they were small.

Although I didn't get to tussle with any monster Passaic River pike this weekend, I don't think that there is a fish in that river that could compare to rest, relaxation and time alone with Lindsay.

Note: Anyone planning on spending time in Clinton this spring/summer should check out and support Pender's Boat House at 9 Lower Center Street Clinton, NJ 08809-1303 - (908) 735-6767.

Next Up: I'm setting my sights on the salt this Sunday (I'm alliterate) for a shot at a full-moon Spring striper with Pat. Easter weekend Brian Martalus will be back from Africa and chances are that a bunch of us will be standing in a river somewhere.

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