Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning

My collection of reels that are all going to get new line and a few dabs of oil in the coming weeks.

I usually try to get my blog post up by mid-week. I'm not sure why this one is late, but I can tell you that as I am writing it, my sister in on the way over to my new home in Union County to join me for what will be the subject of the coming week's entry.

I did not venture into the great outdoors last weekend. 

Anyone who has been following this knows that I recently relocated and that endeavor has taken up every second of my free time since my last trip on the ice. I am happy to report though, that Lindsay and I are 100% out of Jersey City and besides for some furniture shopping, my weekends should be opening back up to get outside and enjoy the coming of Spring.

If there are two times of the year that are not as exciting for me, one is in December when I'm waiting for safe ice and the other is now when the ice is melting and water temps still need to come up a bit in the rivers and streams. I will do some river fishing this time of year and try smaller ponds where the ice is already gone, but I have to admit that the first half of March is not the best time to be a freshwater angler in northern New Jersey.

Now, although my fishing season never really ends, it does for a lot of other anglers. These anglers use this time of year to prepare for the coming season. While I'm out hiking on the weekends and standing in 40-degree rain like a moron trying to catch a carp out of a 7-acre lake, more reasonable people are inside their dry, warm homes, respooling and lubing their reels and organizing their tackle. Since I'm a little neurotic about my tackle, it stays pretty well organized all winter, and since I have too many frickin' reels, I will never sit down to respool all 30 of them at once. Instead, I respool them as I need them, like I will do tomorrow, when I'm standing in 40-degree rain like a moron, trying to catch a carp out of a 7-acre lake.

Next Up: Janel is on her way to scope out some of the local parks, ponds and rivers near the new digs. Tomorrow, I'm going to kick-off the "Spring Carp Quest 2011" with a couple hours of morning fishing in the rain.

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