Monday, March 14, 2011

Jumping The Gun

A beautiful Round Valley rainbow trout.
When: Sunday, March 13th, from 8am to 1:30pm
Where: Lido's boat, the AP, on Round Valley Reservoir
What: Trolling and bait-fishing for early season Truchas with Lido and Niles
Weather: Not very nice. High into the 50's but felt like the 20's with 15-20mph NW winds. Mostly cloudy too.
Moon: Waxing. Couple days after the half-moon.
Lake: Very low.

There are thousands of anglers in this state who are counting down the next 4 weeks until the opening day of trout season.

Chris, Nick and myself are not 3 of them.

Instead of putting away the ice gear and waiting patiently for better weather and warmer water temps, we set sail in Lido's boat on Round Valley just after sun-up this Sunday.

Maybe we jumped the gun....a bit.

Although spring is only a week away, Mother Nature let us know that it was indeed still winter. Granted, it was over 50-degrees, but throw in a nasty 20mph wind coming from the north and it felt every bit of freezing. The fish were not fooled by the coming change of season either and the 36-degree water did not seem warm enough to make them hungry.

However, in light of us being a bit too early for the fish to be biting and the weather being snotty, Chris, Nick and myself had a great time battling the elements. Also, the optimism that the fishing could turn-on at any moment kept us going.

Nick had been running a little late in the morning, so Lido started the engine and we trolled the launch area while we waited. Within minutes, the 2-ounce firetiger Krocodile that was running off the bottom got hammered by the trout you see me holding above. It was a great start, but getting a fish that early in the day can be a bad omen.

It was.

The rest of the day was spent dodging the wind, not catching any fish but having a good time. We found humor in the fact that we were even out there in those conditions this early in the year, but heck, we wanted to catch some fish. It was a tough day to be out on the lake, but I caught exactly one more fish than I would have caught sitting home on my couch watching t.v.

Thanks again for the ride on the AP Lido. She's a beauty.

Next Up: Staying local for some carp fishing this weekend.

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