Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Day In Clinton

The Red Mill and the Clinton Falls.
When: Sunday, January 30th
Where: Round Valley Reservoir and Clinton, Hunterdon County
What: Trying to find open water
Weather: Nice. Partly sunny, high into the 30's, NW wind 5-10mph.
Moon: Waning, 4 days before New.

I find it interesting that whenever Lindsay and I venture into Hunterdon County, we always wind up in Clinton. We love it there and should probably move there.

Maybe....just maybe.

Anyhow, sometime last week, Lindsay asked me to go to a bridal show at the Bernards Inn at 1pm on Sunday. Now, at that point, I could have easily said "no" and figured out something else to do together on the last day of the weekend. However, since I'm always one to compromise, I bartered the bridal show for a few hours of fishing on Round Valley so I could test out Stella.

Everybody's a winner.

For those of you who don't know, Round Valley Reservoir has an incredible amount of water. It covers 2,350 acres of pristine Jersey countryside and reaches depths of 180-feet. Because of this massive volume of water, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to cool and completely freeze over. For the most part, boats can be launched and anglers can fish from the shore of Round Valley 365 days a year. It only gets "locked-up" with ice probably one year out of every decade.

Of course, this happened to be that year.

I know from talking to friends that as early as two weeks ago, Round Valley Reservoir was completely open. Yesterday, I saw pictures online of people ice fishing there.

So, plan A failed and it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves in Clinton. The South Branch was running swiftly over the falls and past the mill, but there was way too much snow on the ground to find a spot on the shore. We took a few casts from the metal bridge, but it just wasn't cutting it. Stella is going to have to be broken in further another day.

When the rods were back in the car, we walked around Clinton for a bit, had some coffee and took some pictures. We ate at Ye Olde Sub Shoppe and threw our trash in Ye Olde Garbage Can.

After that, it was off to the bridal show (which wasn't all that bad) and to check out a possible wedding venue.

It turned out to be a beautiful winter day in New Jersey and there is no one that I would have rather spent it with.

Next Up: Back on the ice on Saturday. Details are being worked out as to with who and where, but Chris Martalus has already confirmed his attendance.

Check This Out........BTW.......

While we were celebrating birthdays at the Park and Orchard on Saturday, Chris and Teena made it onto a small pond in Hunterdon County. Chris scored his first catfish through the ice, a nice 24-inch channel. You go boy!!!!

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