Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's In The Mountains

A beautfiul view of Park City captured by the incredibly talented Diane. Thanks Diane!!!
When:Thursday, December 30th until New Year's Day
Where:Park City, Utah
What:Attending and celebrating Brian and Chrissy's wedding (congrats guys!!!)
Weather:Snowy then clear. Winter weather.

If you set aside my misguided adventures through South America, up until this past weekend I had never spent a night west of the Mississippi River.

I couldn't think of a better occasion to do so. Brian and Chrissy were getting married in Park City and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. They already feel like family.

Furthermore, after weathering and early winter "blizzard" on the East Coast and wrapping-up my first couple months of a new job, the prospect of getting away for a few days was indeed enticing.

Those who know me well already may feel a bit of a conundrum stirring. Park City is known, above all, for its incredible skiing. It's no secret that God did not bless me with nimble feet and that strapping skis on them is an accident waiting to happen. I've always said that of the top 5 miserable experiences I've had in my life, 2 of them were the only 2 times that I have been skiing.

With that in mind, one does not have to ski to enjoy time off of work, a beautiful surrounding, good food, great people, bowling and of course.....a wedding.

And yes....I said bowling.

It was known well in advance that the Thursday night rehearsal dinner was going to be held at a bowling alley; that being the only reason my 16-pound MoRich was stowed away in my checked luggage, alongside a pair of Dexter bowling shoes.

There was some friendly Yankee/Red Sox competition. I am a Yankee, and needless to say, the Yankees won.

Friday brought rest and relaxation followed by a wonderful wedding amongst the mountaintops. We rang in the New Year twice, once for the East and once for Park City. Good times were had by all.

So, another year is upon me, and much like the last few, there are good things on the horizon. I'm sure that this year will have its struggles, but I hope to continue to overcome them using the positive influences that I have in my life today.

I wish Brian and Chrissy all the love and joy that they deserve (which is a heck of a lot) and that they live happily ever after........

Happy New Year to All!!!!!

Next Up:Ice fishing.....of course...this Saturday. Check back to next week to see if I can break the curse of the musky at a hidden lake far far away.

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